RecovR Dealer
Marketing Hub

RecovR gives you both the product and the marketing support you need to  make your RecovR sales successful. You'll be sent a Marketing Kit as part of your initial installation, and can always re-order anything you need.

Laminated Sales Pitch Sheet

A simple guide to illustrate the value of RecovR to your customers

This illustrated, single-page, laminated overview of RecovR will allow you to explain the benefits of the product to car buyers with ease. Keep it on your desk to show them what RecovR can do for them!
Letter-sized, single-sided, laminated sheet

Quick-Start Installation Guide

QuickStart Locator Installation Guide

Though we will do your initial install, you'll need to know how to install additional units in the future. This easy-to-follow guide will help your staff activate and install them in less than a minute!
4-Page letter-sized card stock

RecovR Car Window & Key Tag Reminder Stickers

A small reminder dot indicating a RecovR unit has been placed in the vehicle

Prevent loss of unsold RecovR units by placing these easily removable stickers on the window or inside the door jam of every vehicle to remind you it's been installed. The dot can easily be removed without solvent within six months of placement. These dots can also be used on key tags as an additional reminder.
3/4 ” – Blue R on a white background with removable adhesive

RecovR Consumer Video

Share the video on social media, use it on your website or in-store on tablets or TV screens!

Versions available with and without insurance benefit mentioned to account for different state laws
2 min long version, also available on YouTube

RecovR Dealer Sales Slicks

A brochure for customers considering or purchasing RecovR, providing a recap of the main RecovR selling points.

Page 1 – Value proposition – can be used by F&I during the sales process Page 2 – Key consumer app features and images
Tri-fold glossy brochure, standard size

RecovR Roll Up Banner

Introduce RecovR and its benefits to your clients with this easy-to-assemble roll up banner.

Place wherever it will have the most visibility and impact in order to "pre-sell" RecovR to your customers before they reach the F&I desk.
33in x 81in
Print consumer website

Direct your customers to our consumer website in case they want to learn more about RecovR

Our consumer website contains information about car theft and our solution, and contains links to download the RecovR app.
Desktop and mobile website