What's Different about RecovR

Our senior team of automotive and technology experts has developed a lot management and theft recovery solution that is different than anything else on the market today.  Based on decades of experience in engineering, security, parking and public access systems, we have created a product that gives dealers and consumers the latest and most advanced technology, employing a disruptive new business model where everyone benefits.

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No upfront cost

We equip your entire lot for FREE, and you only pay us after successfully selling RecovR to your clients. As long as you sell the agreed minimum volume of locators per month, there is never any cost to you. And to make things even easier, we automatically bill you and replenish your stock based on the number of  RecovR devices you sell. Less overhead, more time to sell cars!

True wireless GPS locator device with 1-minute install

Our self-contained, battery-powered locator device lasts for years and installs simply by adhering it in a secure location inside the car. It isn’t connected to any of your cars' systems and it doesn’t void manufacturer warranties; especially not in EVs with sensitive electrical systems. All this means no 45-minute wired installs by expensive specialists!

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FREE Lot Management System

Advanced lot management capabilities show you the location of any vehicle in your inventory at any time, as well as helping you track how cars progress from arrival to sale. This allows you to identify bottlenecks and resolve them to improve efficiency and profitability. It also allows you to provide accurate inventory and flooring reports any time you need to.

Find & sell cars faster

Impress new car buyers with state-of-the-art technology that empowers salespeople to quickly find the cars clients want to see, increasing sales & satisfaction.  And by introducing clients to RecovR during the sales process, they’ll be more likely to buy it when it’s offered to them at the F&I desk.

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Attractive to new car buyers = increased F&I profitability

53% of new car buyers are concerned about car theft. With an easy-to-use smartphone app, geo-fencing alerts and no monthly fees, RecovR is an easy F&I sale. It solves consumers’ most pressing problems, offers them critical protection for their prized new vehicle and is safer, easier and more secure than competing wired solutions.

Created by a large, successful technology innovator

RecovR was created by the Kudelski Group, building innovative, secure technology solutions for 70 years. Our public access solutions help companies protect and monetize parking garages, on-street parking, ski resorts and stadiums for some of the world’s busiest cities and businesses. We are a strategic partner to more than 11,000 companies worldwide.

Large success and network of partners
Revenues Enabled Annually
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Offices Worldwide
SLA & Uptime in the industry
Revenues (2020)

In the year we've been using RecovR, we've had nine thefts across our three locations and RecovR has been an asset in recovering eight of those nine getting it done in a timely fashion or most cases avoiding damage to the vehicles.

Mike Gravelle, General Manager

We chose to work with RecovR because there are no upfront costs and the RecovR team are veterans in vehicle tracking solutions. We like knowing that a global technology and security leader like Kudelski IoT is behind RecovR. They’ve put strong technology in place to secure our confidential dealer data as well as ensure the privacy of our customers’ personal information.

Jon Peterson, GM and Partner of Folsom Lake Ford in Sacramento, CA

We made the switch to RecovR because we can install it ourselves in less than a minute, and because of the many ways it helps our salesforce and support staff get cars into customers’ hands more efficiently.

Dennis Gingrich, Finance Director for The Niello Company

It protects us, our customers and our community from theft, all while providing strong privacy protections and strong peace of mind for everyone.

Dennis Gingrich, Finance Director for The Niello Company

Most lot management and theft recovery solutions are costly, complex to install and use, and don’t take consumer privacy seriously enough. The RecovR solution has addressed all these issues by design, enabling effortless adoption by dealers while creating a disruptive new business model that generates profitability without upfront costs.

Tanner Johnson Principal Analyst for Data Security, Vertical Market Applications

RecovR was developed by Kudelski Group, a smart parking and security technology leader, now bringing decades of security and privacy expertise to the automotive industry.

Tanner Johnson Principal Analyst for Data Security, Vertical Market Applications

We’ve worked with a handful of recovery devices in the past that over-promised and under-delivered. No solution has matched the results, positive customer experience and collaborative relationship we have with RecovR

Dennis Gingrich, Finance Director for The Niello Company