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Get total visibility and overview of your vehicle inventory, sell faster by making cars and keys easier to find, improve customer satisfaction, generate additional PVR at F&I, recover stolen vehicles fast and reduce garagekeeper insurance premiums.


Free, next-generation
car & key management system

  • Sell more cars, faster

    Speed up the sales process by equipping your staff with our intuitive portal and smartphone app that will help you find cars and keys quickly and efficiently!

  • Satisfy your customers

    Improve CSI and social media reviews by getting customers the vehicle they want to test drive faster.

  • Take control of your inventory

    Reconcile and resolve discrepancies and know where all vehicles and keys are located across lots and locations. Search, filter and locate any cars.

  • Prevent frustration and financial loss

    Those keys left in a desk drawer, dropped under a car or hiding in someone's pocket? With RecovR for Keys they're easy to find! Save on paying for lost keys!

  • Get stolen cars back fast

    Receive alerts when cars leave the lot outside normal business hours,and quickly locate stolen vehicles.

  • Integrate with your existing DMS

    Optional integration with your Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and flooring software is available.

  • Make money with no upfront cost

    We invest in you and your business so we can deliver value to your customers together. Everybody wins!


Technology & Benefit  
protection for cars & keys

  • Find My Car and Find My Keys

    Owners can find their vehicle' location in the mobile app for any reason (find parking location, locate an authorized user), as well as track down lost or misplaced keys. A single, unified app for multiple vehicles and multiple keys!

  • Quick Vehicle Theft Recovery

    Customers can use the mobile app to provide a simple link to law enforcement in order to assist in stolen vehicle recovery.

  • Get Notified When Vehicles Move

    Get notified when your car is moved unexpectedly from its location (stolen, towed, or other unauthorized use).

  • Limited Warranty for Theft

    $5000 cash and up to $1000 to cover insurance deductible if the customer's vehicle is stolen and not recovered.

  • Key Replacement Program

    Keys lost, stolen or damaged? RecovR will replace at no cost up to once per year for the length of the program. And roadside assistance is included as well.

RecovR device with shadow


Hide and go!

  • Discrete

    Battery-powered, standalone GPS unit placed inside the vehicle or hidden in compartments to minimize detection.

  • Simple

    Installation takes less than a minute, because your device isn’t wired into the vehicle and it has its own 5-year battery life.

Battery icon
Battery lifetime
5 years
Size icon
5 x 2.36 x 1.09 in
Connectivity icon
Location icon
Latest indoor/outdoor positioning tech
Variants icon
Indoor non-IP / Outdoor IP67
Temperature icon
Operating temperature
-40 to +185 F
Time icon
Install time
± 1 minute
RecovR for keys device


Attach and go!

  • Practical

    Battery-powered, rechargeable, attached to the vehicle key or key fob.

  • Simple

    No technical install required.

Battery icon
Battery lifetime
Up to 12 months on a single charge
Size icon
1.49 x 1.45 x 0.33 inch
Connectivity icon
500ft low energy range
Weight icon
20 g/0.7 oz
Variants icon
LED for easier locating, buzzer
Durability icon
IPX6 water-resistant design

In the year we've been using RecovR, we've had nine thefts across our three locations and RecovR has been an asset in recovering eight of those nine getting it done in a timely fashion or most cases avoiding damage to the vehicles.

Mike Gravelle, General Manager

We chose to work with RecovR because there are no upfront costs and the RecovR team are veterans in vehicle tracking solutions. We like knowing that a global technology and security leader like Kudelski IoT is behind RecovR. They’ve put strong technology in place to secure our confidential dealer data as well as ensure the privacy of our customers’ personal information.

Jon Peterson, GM and Partner of Folsom Lake Ford in Sacramento, CA

We made the switch to RecovR because we can install it ourselves in less than a minute, and because of the many ways it helps our salesforce and support staff get cars into customers’ hands more efficiently.

Dennis Gingrich, Finance Director for The Niello Company

It protects us, our customers and our community from theft, all while providing strong privacy protections and strong peace of mind for everyone.

Dennis Gingrich, Finance Director for The Niello Company

Most lot management and theft recovery solutions are costly, complex to install and use, and don’t take consumer privacy seriously enough. The RecovR solution has addressed all these issues by design, enabling effortless adoption by dealers while creating a disruptive new business model that generates profitability without upfront costs.

Tanner Johnson Principal Analyst for Data Security, Vertical Market Applications

RecovR was developed by Kudelski Group, a smart parking and security technology leader, now bringing decades of security and privacy expertise to the automotive industry.

Tanner Johnson Principal Analyst for Data Security, Vertical Market Applications

We’ve worked with a handful of recovery devices in the past that over-promised and under-delivered. No solution has matched the results, positive customer experience and collaborative relationship we have with RecovR

Dennis Gingrich, Finance Director for The Niello Company

Our promise

A product & service you can trust

  • Support

    Our Customer Support Centers are there to help when you and your customers need it and ensure the  system is operating smoothly 24/7.

  • Uptime

    We guarantee 99.5% solution uptime, ensuring that you and your customers can find vehicles quickly at any time of the day or night.

  • A Company You Can Trust

    The RecovR solution is developed by Kudelski Group, a strong, stable technology and security leader with a 70-year record of delivering innovative, customer-focused solutions. The RecovR team includes senior executives and developers with extensive experience in creating and operating automotive location and tracking solutions.  

Support image with woman at the phone

A win-win solution for you and your customers

We invest in your success so you can provide your customers with cutting edge technology that provides value to both you (lot management) and them (theft recovery). Our revolutionary business model means you incur no costs until RecovR is sold to your customers.

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Are you a consumer looking for product support? Please email support [at] for questions and assistance.


Questions about RecovR?

Is there a cost to purchase the RecovR device?

There is NO upfront cost for you to get the devices from us. You only pay us after YOUR customer purchases the solution from you!

Is it difficult to install the RecovR device?

Unlike other locator solutions, the RecovR device requires NO installation, because it's battery-powered and self contained.  Hide it anywhere in the car! It takes less than a minute to install.

How long does it take to install the device?

It takes less than a minute to install the device in a car. You just need to scan the VIN of the car and the QR code on the locator, and associate them in an easy-to-use application.

Do I need skilled technicians to install the device?

There is NO need for a technician, anyone can install the device. Our detailed installation guide provides recommendations fora few places to avoid for best performance.

Do I get training and assistance for initial setup?

Our team of experts will guide you through the initial onboarding, setup and training. It will cover locator installation, sales and marketing aspects as well as Lot Management features.

How long does it take to onboard and complete initial setup?

Based on our experience, it takes about 2 days to complete  onboarding, setup and training, assuming you have less than 500 cars on the lot. For every additional 500 cars in the lot, it takes one additional day.

Do I get additional training for my team after initial setup?

Yes, online video training will be available to train new employees on your team.

Who do I reach out to recover a missing/stolen car with a RecovR device installed in it?

You can search for the car location in the Lot Management web application on a desktop or mobile device. If you believe your car has been stolen, then you should activate the Theft Recovery mode, and share the car's location with law enforcement.

How can I become a RecovR solution partner?

Reach out to our Sales Team at 833-225-9557.

Or email us at: sales [at]

We are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Arizona Time (M-F).

What are my obligations as a RecovR partner?

Basically, by working with us, you agree to sell a reasonable percentage of the RecovR locators we provide to you through to your customers. If you meet the sales threshold, there are ZERO additional costs to you. Obligations of each party are detailed in the Dealer Agreement. Our team is happy to go over them with you to ensure you have a complete understanding before signing the contract.

What is the availability of support?

Existing dealer partner support is available 24/7. Call 833-255-9557 or mail support [at]

Is there an impact to the car's battery by using this device?

There is no impact to the car's battery as the device is completely wireless.

Is there an impact to Manufacturer's warranty by using this device?

There is no impact to Manufacturer's warranty as the device is completely wireless.

How does this solution protect my data and my customers' privacy?

The location and data associated to the cars you have in your lots are seen only by the authorized people from your dealership that have access to the application web interface. You decide who that is.

When your consumers purchase the RecovR solution from you, that authorization passes exclusively to them, so only THEY can access the location of their vehicle on demand. That location is never stored on our servers, and is only provided to the customer's app at their request.

Our RecovR solution uses an enterprise-grade data encryption and security isolation techniques compliant with all regulatory requirements regarding data protection and privacy.

What are the other consumer benefits that come with the device?

The device comes with limited warranty for your customer who bought the RecovR device.

If their car is stolen and is not recovered, the limited warranty provides a payment of $5000 to the car owner and an additional payment of up to $1000 to cover their insurance deductible. Some limitations may apply depending on the state.

What are the features of the devices and the application?

RecovR is built to make it  easy for dealers to manage their lot, save on insurance costs and quickly find and recover cars. All these features are built to address existing pain points and help you give you customers a "wow" experience at your dealership, ultimately helping you reduce your sales cycle time and increase CSI. Here is the  detailed list of features:

1. Intuitive UI making it easy to scan and automatically associate a new locator device to a car
2. Lot Management solution enables easy car inventory management
3. Theft Recovery service enables engagement with car owner (service renewal only via car dealers)
4. Multiple positioning and connectivity technologies enable several options for tracking and communications
5. Using state of the art security controls and techniques thanks to Kudelski IoT keySTREAM
6. Seamless indoor and outdoor tracking with one device
7. Industry-leading battery life of 5 years
8. Report on Low Tracker Battery
9. Makes it easy for sales person to find a car
10. No skilled tech needed for install
12. Identify and resolve bottlenecks by tracking and logging cars through lot departments
13. Automatic notification of potential theft based on car motion outside of set business hours (geo-fencing on dealer lot)
14. Custom notifications based on user-defined rules