The Slap & Track Solution for Waste Management Assets

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    You pay once and done! No hidden costs of any kind.

  • Easy Geo-fencing

    Set up boundaries and receive a text if your equipment leaves those boundaries so you can quickly recover assets!

  • Involve Law Enforcement Quickly

    Share the location of stolen equipment directly with law enforcement for recovery just by giving them a simple web link.

  • Easy Installation

    Installs and pairs in 30 seconds or less with a powerful magnet and a waterproof case.

  • 3-Year Battery Life

    The battery lasts for the entire period of service without any need to recharge or change it!

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Battery lifetime
3 years
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5 x 2.36 x 1.09 in
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Latest indoor/outdoor positioning tech
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Indoor non-IP / Outdoor IP67
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-40 to +185 F
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± 1 minute

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    Our Customer Support Centers are there to help when you and your customers need it and ensure the  system is operating smoothly 24/7.

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    We guarantee 99.9% solution uptime, ensuring that you and your customers can find vehicles quickly at any time of the day or night.

  • A Company You Can Trust

    The RecovR solution is developed by Kudelski Group, a strong, stable technology and security leader with a 70-year record of delivering innovative, customer-focused solutions. The RecovR team includes senior executives and developers with extensive experience in creating and operating automotive location and tracking solutions.  

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Questions about RecovR for Waste?

Are there any monthly subscription fees or hidden costs associated with using RecovR?

No monthly or hidden fees.  One fee includes the device and 3 years of service.

What is the RecovR GPS theft recovery product?

The RecovR theft product is an industrial-grade, highly secure locator device that uses multiple wireless technologies to provide professional asset tracking, asset management, and real-time asset recovery in case the asset becomes lost or stolen.

Is this a GPS System? 

RecovR uses multiple wireless technologies to locate your assets,  including GPS, Cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Why do I need RecovR?

The RecovR system is specifically designed to secure your assets. It can locate your assets indoors and outdoors and notifies you if your assets move. It has a real-time theft recovery feature connected to law enforcement. All with a 3-year battery life. GPS-only trackers do not have these features.

How does RecovR attach?

RecovR uses a powerful magnet to attach to your equipment. You can also bolt the unit into place. It’s there until you remove it!  Easy to hide, IP 67, NEMA 6 (Waterproof under pressure) case. Nothing to wire or connect.

How do I use the RecovR geofence feature?

Our simple web-based user interface allows you to create a geofence zone on top of a satellite map of the desired area in seconds.

Can I put RecovR on any equipment?

Yes, the applications are limitless!  Roll Off Boxes, Compactors, Waste Fleet, Dumpsters, Yellow Iron etc.

Can the RecovR device be transferred between vehicles or equipment?

Yes, RecovR trackers can be moved between any equipment.  The User Interface allows for a quick asset reassignment.

Can anyone steal my data with the Slap &Track?

You are the sole owner of the data across the platform.

What measures does RecovR take to ensure the security and integrity of the data collected?

RecovR is developed by Kudelski IoT, a global leader in cybersecurity. All data is encrypted and protected at all levels. RecovR is approved and used by the U.S. Department of Defense to track miltary equipment.

How do you get 3 years out of the RecovR battery?

The firmware running on the device only reports location when an asset is moved, saving battery life and ensuring 3 years of service.

What if my battery dies in less than 3 years?

When the battery reaches 10% of remaining life, a new replacement unit will be shipped to you at no charge.

What is the warranty on RecovR?

The RecovR device is guaranteed for the entire life of the service for both manufacturers defects or dead batteries.

Is the RecovR theft recovery device compatible with all types of waste management vehicles and equipment?

Yes, the RecovR device can attach magnetically or with screws to all types of waste management equipment.

How does RecovR aid in tracking and recovering stolen waste management vehicles or equipment?

When an asset goes missing, Theft Recovery Mode can be activated, enabling the user to share a public web link with law enforcement to locate and recover the asset. To be proactively notified of unauthorized movement of assets, asset owners can set up geo-fences and get notified immediately when an asset moves outside of its assigned zone.

What kind of alerts can users expect from the RecovR in case of theft or unauthorized use?

A notification is sent to the designated asset manager via text and/or e-mail.

How can the RecovR device help improve the efficiency and productivity of waste management operations?

Providing asset managers a unified view of ALL assets at ALL times increases efficiency and productivity.

What is the coverage range of the RecovR system? (what about remote locations?)

RecovR has coverage across 140 countries. In the U.S., RecovR can connect to multiple carriers to ensure the best coverage possible so that most recent location can be updated in the cloud..

How does the RecovR protect the privacy of waste management companies and their clients?

The data is highly secure and never shared. RecovR is certified by the U.S. Department of Defense for security.

Is the RecovR device waterproof and resistant to harsh environmental conditions?

Yes. The RecovR device is IP67 (NEMA 6) compliant to withstand harsh weather environments.

Can the RecovR GPS device be integrated with existing fleet management systems used by waste management companies?

Yes, the RecovR platform can be integrated to any waste management systems through APIs.

What kind of technical support and customer service can users expect from RecovR?

RecovR has 24/7 theft support, and an extensive database of help topics and videos.

Who makes RecovR for Cardoza Waste Parts Nation?

The RecovR device is designed and manufactured by Kudelski IoT, based in Phoenix, AZ.