Car theft is a real but solvable problem!

According to the Council on Criminal Justice, motor vehicle thefts continued their upward trend through the first half of 2023. There were 33.5% more motor vehicle thefts from January through June 2023 compared to the first half of 2022.

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For AUTOMOTIVE dealers

Theft recovery solutions for dealers nationwide

The solution to this problem for law enforcement, dealerships and consumers is relatively simple one: use reliable, accurate, and easy-to-implement GPS theft recovery solutions to recover stolen vehicles quickly, prevent extensive damage, and deter future theft.

  • Wireless and 1-min install

    RecovR is different because it is wireless, requires no installation and can be hidden anywhere in the car, making it very difficult for thieves to find and disable.

  • Free lot management for dealers

    It helps prevent dealership theft by alerting dealer management to any vehicle that leaves the premises after hours, and provides easy tracking of all cars on and off the lot.

  • Easy F&I revenue for dealers

    Best of all, RecovR is free and has no cost to dealers who successfully sell the solution on to their customers, enabling them to generate additional F&I revenues as well as passing on RecovR’s protection to new car owners.

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Theft-recovery that's integrated with law enforcement

RecovR gives car dealers and owners the ability to work directly with law enforcement using simple web-based vehicle tracking that works on any device, even without an app.

  • Live tracking for the police

    The owner of a stolen vehicle simply provides a web address and a locator code to authorities, who can then track the car live using any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  • Faster intervention time

    Compared to other solutions, this cuts out the middleman and puts the power in the hands of owners and officers where it belongs. And ultimately, this leads to quicker recoveries and efficient use of public resources, benefitting everyone.

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