Introducing RecovR Lot Management & Theft Recovery for Dealers

Increase Lot Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction and F&I Revenues

First published on
August 24, 2021
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Enable Lot Efficiency for your automotive dealership

Managing a high-volume dealership has its complexities; you have to unload, inspect, onboard, detail and sell cars as quickly as possible in order to maximize profit margins. Every day that a car isn’t sold reduces your profitability, so efficiency matters.

RecovR is here not only to streamline lot management operations and ensure the security of vehicles on your lot, but to help you capture unrealized F&I revenues with every single new car sale.All of this, with zero cost upfront.

Free & Next Generation Car Lot Management System

Here's how it works: the wireless, cellular,GPS RecovR locator is designed for simple installation and pairing with your vehicles. When new stock arrives on your lot, you simply scan the RecovR device to associate it with a VIN number, then stick it in a hidden location inside the car.

Installation takes less than a minute because the device isn't wired into the vehicle and has its own five-year battery life. This also ensures you don’t void the car’s warranty, especially on new hybrid and electric cars, whose manufacturers are sensitive about adding aftermarket equipment.

Real-time Visibility into yourVehicle Inventory from a Single Platform

With RecovR locators in your vehicles, you canuse our easy Lot Management website to get real-time visibility into your vehicle inventory. From that point on you can locate vehicles anywhere you need to - whether it's to track how quickly they make it from receiving to the sales floor, to help a salesperson find a specific vehicle as quickly as possible fora client or to quickly reconcile and resolve inventory discrepancies across lots and locations.

Theft Recovery Mode for SpeedyRecoveries and Increased Profits

 The solution works indoors, outdoors and across multiple lots giving you unparalleled visibility and control over your entire inventory. With RecovR you can automatically detect when vehicles leave the lot after hours and enable theft recovery mode for realtime tracking.

When theft recovery mode is activated, you can easily track the vehicle and share the location with law enforcement, improving security and potentially lowering the cost of your garage holder’s insurance.

Increased F&I Revenues for your Auto Dealership

Better yet: you'll even make money off RecovR because when you've successfully solda new car, RecovR gives your finance and insurance team a new product they can sell when consumers buy a car with the RecovR locator installed. They get access to the consumer mobile app that allows them to track their car.

RecovR pairs a locator in the vehicle with a simple consumer smartphone app to allow owners to obtain their vehicle's exact location at any time they choose. The F&I desk is a great place to sell consumers peace of mind that they can get their vehicle back if it's ever stolen. By enabling theft recovery mode they can track their vehicle in realtime.

Make Money from RecovR at ZeroCost!

You only pay us when a new car buyer has purchased the RecovR solution from you. That means incremental F&I revenue with no upfront costs. We only ask that you commit to a reasonable minimum volume per year. It couldn't be simpler, and everybody wins. We’ll even manage inventory and billing automatically for you! What could be easier?

More efficient lot management, faster sales, new revenue streams, insurance reduction and satisfied customers - all with zero cost to your business.

That's RecovR.