Choosing RecovR® Over OEM Theft Recovery Solutions: A Strategic Choice for Dealers

For those committed to transforming their dealership operations and offering unmatched value to customers, RecovR represents not just a tool, but a strategic asset in the competitive automotive market.

First published on
April 16, 2024
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Christopher Schouten

Christopher Schouten

Marketing Director

Christopher Schouten is Marketing Director for Kudelski IoT (SIX:KUD.S) and has worked for more than 20 years for companies whose mission is to protect devices, data and high-value business models, making him an expert in embedded security strategy. He joined Kudelski Group in 2013, and prior to that he held various marketing and operational management roles in pay-TV security and mobile and fixed telecommunications in the U.S., The Netherlands and Switzerland. He is now based in Phoenix Arizona. Christopher is an honors graduate of the University of Iowa, having studied Mass Communications and Linguistics. Christopher speaks six languages and is a passionate early adopter of IoT and smart home technologies.

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In today’s competitive automotive market, offering distinctive, value-added services can significantly enhance your dealership's appeal and profitability. While OEM solutions provide integrated theft recovery and telematics systems, the standalone RecovR product offers unparalleled advantages tailored to the unique needs of dealerships managing diverse inventories. Here’s why RecovR stands out as the superior choice for both dealers and consumers:

1.        One-Time Subscription Model

RecovR operates on a one-time purchase model with no recurring subscription fees, with three years of service. This contrasts sharply with OEM solutions, which often require monthly or annual subscriptions. This one-time fee model not only simplifies budgeting but also enhances the attractiveness of RecovR as a value proposition when you present it to potential buyers.

2.        Direct Location Sharing with Law Enforcement

In the event of theft, time is of the essence. Unlike many OEM solutions that require filing a police report first then providing it to an OEM call center who then coordinates with police, RecovR allows for direct sharing of vehicle location data with police by dealer or owner, drastically reducing recovery time and increasing the chances of recovering the vehicle undamaged. This direct link not only saves critical time but also streamlines the recovery process, making it less bureaucratic. RecovR also shares stolen vehicle data with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), a national database that helps in recovering stolen vehicles.

3.        Universal Brand Compatibility

RecovR is not limited by brand or vehicle type. This universality means that you can manage any brand of new or used car on your lot, providing a seamless, all-encompassing inventory management system. This is particularly advantageous for dealerships with multi-brand offerings, ensuring that every vehicle, regardless of its manufacturer, is secure and easily visible and manageable.

4.        Advanced Lot Management

Designed with lot management as a core functionality, RecovR provides sophisticated tools that are often only secondary considerations in OEM systems. These include real-time location tracking and inventory management, timed geo-fencing and other features that optimize operational efficiency and security on your car lot and across locations. And we are constantly integrating new features by dealer request.

5.        Consumer Flexibility and Tracking

RecovR enhances consumer satisfaction by enabling your customers to track multiple vehicles and their keys across different brands in a single, user-friendly app. This flexibility is particularly appealing to families or businesses that manage fleets of varying vehicle brands, making it a strong selling point that can help close sales.

6.        Financial Incentives for Dealers

As a dealer, selling RecovR allows you to derive direct financial benefits. This added revenue stream not only boosts your bottom line but also enhances customer relationships by providing a tangible, long-term value that helps safeguard one of their most significant investments. OEM theft recovery solutions do not always provide direct or indirect dealer incentives.

7.        Immunity to Common Security Workarounds

Thieves know cars have OEM theft recovery based on make, model, and year, but they don’t know if it has RecovR or not. Unlike some OEM systems that can be disabled by methods like disconnecting the battery or cutting wiring, RecovR’s technology is designed to be resilient against common tactics used by thieves to evade detection by being self-contained, wireless, and hidden in random locations. This robustness ensures continued functionality and security, regardless of the methods employed by thieves. RecovR’s EM emissions are also kept to a minimum to avoid detection.

8.        RecovR for Keys

Additionally, RecovR offers an innovative solution for tracking keys, a common pain point for both dealers and consumers. This feature minimizes the inconvenience and costs associated with lost or stolen keys, further enhancing the comprehensive security and management capabilities provided by RecovR.  No OEM we are aware of offers such a solution, especially not integrated with vehicle tracking.

9.        Financial Benefit – Limited Warranty

The RecovR GPS product offers a cash benefit of $5000 and a deductible reimbursement of up to $1000 if a vehicle protected by RecovR is stolen and not recovered. This amount can be customized and/or reinsured by the dealer. RecovR for Keys, in addition, includes free roadside assistance and a key replacement program that pays up to $800 per year for the duration of the service. OEM solutions do not generally offer these additional financial benefits.

10.  Frequent Locator Replacement Improves Accuracy & Prevents Obsolescence

RecovR is constantly upgrading its technology to provide the most accurate location for vehicles, and every RecovR unit is replaced after its 3-year period of service. This means consumers and dealers are always getting the latest technology for all makes, models and vehicle years, and it doesn’t risk becoming obsolete. Many vehicles with OEM theft recovery solutions manufactured prior to 2019 used 3G technology that was sunset in 2022, rendering the solution useless. RecovR’s approach prevents this from happening.


In conclusion, choosing RecovR over OEM solutions not only offers substantial operational advantages but also provides significant cost savings, enhanced security, and superior customer satisfaction. By integrating RecovR into your dealership services, you can offer a differentiated product that meets the evolving needs of modern car buyers and positions your dealership as a leader in customer-focused innovation.